Catálogos de linguas

  • Ethnologue, languages of the world editado por M. Paul Lewis, Summer Institute of Linguistics, 16ª edición, 2009
    Versión electrónica do máis completo catálogo de linguas e dialectos existentes. Na rede, pode consultarse por linguas, familias lingüísticas, territorios, etc. Contén tamén mapas lingüísticos da maioría dos países (Desde comezos de 2016 pasou a ser de pago, e so permite a a visualización gratuita de 7 páxinas)
  • Glottolog/Langdoc
    This site provides comprehensive bibliographical and other reference information for the world's languages, especially the lesser known languages. Glottolog is a comprehensive catalogue of the world's languages, language families and dialects. Langdoc is a comprehensive collection of bibliographical data for the world's lesser known languages.

Estruturas lingüísticas

  • World Atlas of Language Structures Online editado por M.Haspelmath, M. Dryer, D. Gil & B. Comrie, Bernard
    WALS is a large database of structural (phonological, grammatical, lexical) properties of languages gathered from descriptive materials by a team of more than 40 authors. WALS consists of 141 maps with accompanying texts on diverse features. Each map shows between 120 and 1110 languages, each language being represented by a symbol, and different symbols showing different values of the feature. Altogether 2,650 languages are shown on the maps, and more than 58,000 datapoints give information on features in particular languages. WALS thus makes information on the structural diversity of the world's languages
  • The Universals Archive, coordinado por Frans Plank
    Within the typology programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 1996-2001, the remit of the project "Sprachbaupläne" was to collect and document linguistic universals that have been suggested in the relevant literature, in particular those of an implicational kind ("If a language has property X, then it will also have Y"). The Universals Archive is available in the form of a searchable archive, enabling its on-line users to retrieve universals in terms of any of the individual words or combinations of words that occur in their formulation or in their documentation.

Outras páxinas con enlaces e información de interese sobre linguas

  • Wikipedia:Language Families
    Un índice xerarquizado das entradas da wikipedia sobre familias lingüísticas (versión en inglés, máis completa que as versións en galego e español)
  • Proel
    A sección española do SIL/ILV dispón na súa web de moita información en español sobre linguas do mundo
  • L'amenagement linguistique dans le monde
    Ces pages présentent les situations et politiques linguistiques particulières dans 355 États ou territoires autonomes répartis dans les 194 pays (reconnus) du monde. L'internaute a le choix d'accéder aux États, pays ou régions en fonction des continents, de l'ordre alphabétique (tous les États ou territoires), de la ou des langues officielles, du peuple ou du type de politique lin-guistique de chacun de ces États ayant adopté l'assimilation, la non-intervention, l'unilinguisme, le bilinguisme officiel, etc.

Enlaces a descricións e recursos de aprendizaxe


  • Mapas lingüísticos de
    Unha gran colección de mapas lingüísticos detallados de todos os continentes
  • LL-MAP: Language and Location - Map Accessibility Project
    LL-MAP is a digital mapping project that integrates language data and information from the physical and social sciences. Users can browse over a large colection of digital maps, or create and share their own.
  • Ljuba's Linguistic Maps Collection
    Unha ampla lista de ligazóns a mapas sobre linguas e familias lingüísticas dispoñibeis na web
  • World Language Phyla/Family Mapping. Stephen Huffman
    Dr. Huffman has classified the languages of the Ethnologue into broader groupings following Merritt Ruhlen’s A Guide to the World’s Languages (published 1987, 1991 by Stanford University Press), and has produced as series of maps of language phyla and families using this classified data and several versions of GMI's World Language Mapping System and Seamless Digital Chart of the World geographic data sets. PDF versions of the maps available for download